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I serve the world as a creative light, so that iconic presences may not remain in darkness.

My name is Oneil Brown and I am a multidisciplinary creative. My goal in every project I take on is to help my clients be successful in their endeavours. Being acknowledged and appreciated for giving others great value by doing what I love is my reason for serving the world as a creative.

Featured Project

Social Media Design

This project was primarily created for a client’s Instagram business page and ad campaign. Each post serves as a complete design on its own and when viewed all together in a grid they become one cohesive design.

The customer service received consistently from this company is common to none and the quality graphics upon request is superior. I have no regret in my selection to use this ICONIC company. With no reservations, I would highly recommend Iconence to all desirous of optimal quality products and services.

Danielle Robertson - Minister & Videographer of Reason with Robdon

Ready to Illuminate Your Iconic Presence?

It's the perfect time to create and enhance your business's online presence. Let's connect with a free 15 minutes consultation to see how I can help you create and manage your business's presence.

Clients & Work Experience

I have had the pleasure of working with a number of clients, each iconic in their own way, and my works have served to help illuminate their presence. I have been fortunate to work with clients as a staff, subcontractor, independent and have gained over 7 years of professional experience in the creative industry.


Graphic Design

Keep your brand's presence fresh and consistent.

Web Design

Engage your audience with a website tailored to your needs.

Custom Illustration

Elevate your presence with 100% custom artwork.


Improve your creative assets with the guidance and advice you need.

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